​(yep, the fine print...sorry, you gotta read it...)

Smoking or vaping  of any type is allowed on the porch of your cottage ONLY, with the door and window shut.  Smoking or vaping of any type is not permitted on the Farmhouse porch, driveways, grounds, or trails (including in your vehicle, parked anywhere on the grounds).  We appreciate your understanding -  $250 damages fine will be assessed to your credit card for non-compliance (one warning if it is outside, no warning if it is inside - you will be notified).

Mountain Brook Lodge and Cottages Pet Policy:

Thank you for understanding that we can only accommodate Fido's  (no cats or other pets).  

Up to three well behaved Fido's are permitted per cottage.  There is no size limit...I have three tiny white fluffy Fido's that don't add up to one Lab, but have the barking power and energy of mastiffs!...we all know which size Fido's are the most laid back...

A well behaved Fido may remain in the cottage while you are out (crated or not).  If Fido barks for more than a few minutes after you leave, you will be texted to return and to take Fido with you.  The first day is always the hardest for Fido in a new place...

Couch and chair covers, old towels for the wet feet, and an outside "necessary pail" with baggies are  provided for your use.   Because we continue to have delightful  canine guests, and humans who thoughtfully  use the protections we provide, we no longer assess a Fido fee!

A leashed Fido is permitted to join you anywhere on the property, including the porch of the Farmhouse (not inside).  For Fido's protection, Fido must be leashed at ALL times (including on your porch...Fido may listen to you at home, but there are much more interesting smells (and dangers) here).  Thank you for using the "necessary" pail and baggies to clean up after Fido at your cottage and on your walks.  All guest Fido's must have active flea and tick protection (If OOPS - you forgot that it was time, contact our delightful member of the pack, Noah's Ark Companion Animal Hospital...they can take care of things - there is also a Petsmart in nearby Waynesville for food and over the counter stuff - also a delightful pet bakery (and other fun things) in downtown Waynesville - Fido friendly, of course!.

A right of way for vehicular through traffic was granted to the Clark family in the 1950's, when Highway 23 was straightened (and when the Clark family owned the whole 200 acres, including the motel, which was sold off in the 1960's)).  As a result, there is occasional VEHICULAR  traffic only on what is now Mountain Brook Lodge and Cottage's private driveway, the half circle "road".  This vehicular right of way is granted ONLY to the residential neighborhood above the property, Pepsi Heights, not to the motel.    The residents of Pepsi Heights and the guests of the motel honor our private property signage -  that there is to be NO pedestrian or bicycle through traffic.  In return, and for the security of all Mountain Brook staff and guests, guests are asked to enjoy our 36 acres and trails, driveways,  Mountain Brook Road to the highway, and the gully and grassy area  that runs along it, but to please not WALK, DOG WALK, or  SOLICIT on the motel property, on the gravel road behind the historic cottages, or in the residential neighborhood above us (Pepsi Heights) on the extension of the concrete Mountain Brook Road.  Don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure of our property lines.  We greatly appreciate your enjoying our spectacular 36 acres and hiking trails, while respecting the privacy and security of our neighbors, as they do for us in return.

Mountain Brook Lodge and Cottages is a delightful historic property, with the aging infrastructure that comes along with quaintness.  Therefore, we must ask your cooperation in NOT exceeding the following guest limits in the cottages (paying more per extra guest is not the issue - aging septic systems is!):

One bedroom Cottage - Two Adults/up to two children under age 12

Two bedroom Cottage - Four Adults & up to two children under age 12 OR Two Adults, Two children 12 or over, and two children under age 12.

Mountain Brook welcomes children of all ages.  Please request a covered waste can for outside (yes, our Fido pails do double duty!) if you have a baby or toddler in diapers.  

Mountain Brook Lodge and Cottages will book ADULTS 22 YEARS OLD and over only (we reserve the right to ask for proof of age both on booking and when you arrive); we also reserve the right to request a parental credit card and cell phone number for college students.  We are happy to book visitors and family members of residents of this area (Sylva, Dillsboro, Franklin, Waynesville, Cherokee, and Bryson City), but, other than for that purpose,  our cottages are NOT AVAILABLE  for local booking or use.  Abuse of this policy will result in immediate cancellation and/or eviction, without refund.



Now about the internet & TV:

You are here to enjoy a relaxing mountain getaway vacation, but we understand that cell phones and internet are a necessary part of daily life.   Having said that, unlimited broadband (cable) internet service is not available to our corner of the Smoky Mountains at this time.  Very sparse limited service is all that is available to us, at any price.  What our guests probably do not realize is that the "free" internet developed assuming unlimited data use (places that give you "free" internet, such as Starbucks, have broadband or fiberoptic service, or they couldn't offer it).  Therefore, almost every website you open (except ours) has videos and ads embedded that play automatically - news sites, Facebook, etc...therefore, these sites are "streaming", and heavy data users, without you realizing it.  To make it worse, unless you have very closely monitored all of your apps, devices, and programs (Windows 10 is the worse offender), your apps and programs update constantly, which is also streaming, and very heavy data use.  ( If you have limited data on your cellphone, these things  contributes to much of your data drain, if you are not on "free" wireless somewhere).

Therefore, Mountain Brook Lodge and Cottages TV and internet policy is as follows:

Limited password protected internet (no streaming) will continue to be provided at the Farmhouse Common Area for guest use.  A Verizon network extender is being added to this internet router, which will give much better reception to Verizon and US Cellular cell users inside and on the porch.  The landphone, for emergency use, has been moved to the porch, and provides unlimited long distance.

Satellite TV with the Entertainment package (sports!) is provided for guest use at the Farmhouse Common area.  Thank you for NOT attempting to order other packages or movie downloads.

Guests in our Cottages Plus! (Cottages 11, 12, & 15) are provided separate password protected limited  internet service​, and satellite TV.  This also requires no streaming, including no system updates or TV/video streaming (such as Netflix or Hulu), and no attempting to order other packages or movie downloads.

If you would like to enjoy your streaming Netflix, audio books, etc.  while traveling, it is recommended that you download the movies into your device (this is allowed, for a one time viewing) from home.  Do not plan to do system updates, app downloads, etc when you are traveling - if the internet is "free" it also may not be protected, leaving your system vulnerable.

The Mountain Brook Lodge and Cottages office phone #, 828-586-4329, is a cell number.  Guests are welcome to communicate with me before and during their stay vis text message (the best way to communicate out here), and are also welcome to give that number to family members as a contact # to use during your stay (emergency or otherwise)...I will find you, 24/7

Thank you.  Enjoy your stay, and come back and see us again soon!

Randi Taylor, Architect, Owner/Manager



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