About our historic property

In this fast paced world, where things that are current this minute, are obsolete the next, you'll find that Mountain Brook Cottages reflects the times of our grandparents.  Times when you rocked on your front porch, sipping lemonade, and just let the talk meander from one subject to another.  No tv's blasting with the latest bad news.  No friends talking on their cell phones, or texting.  No sirens screaming past your door.  Just peaceful, tranquil times at the end of a hardworking day with children gathered around listening to the stories of their families.  That's what we still offer. 

It gives us great joy when we walk up "cottage row" and see guests sitting outside, swinging, or relaxing in a hammock.  Maybe a family playing cards on the front porch or someone strumming a guitar.  We'll stop and chat for a few minutes so that we can take in a breath of mountain air ourselves and appreciate what we have owned and operated since 1979. 

Mountain Brook Cottages

            ...where the past has never become the past! 

Two of my favorite stories...walking up past one of our log cottages, I spotted an elderly gentleman swinging on the porch swing with a contented look on his face.  When asked how he was doing, he responded..."just sitting here watching the leaves grow!".

One day, the mother of a little girl came to the office to check out.  She said her daughter was sitting by the brook crying.  When asked why she was crying, the little girl said "it's not fair...they get to live here"!


Yes, no doubt there are fancier places to stay.  Ones that can offer everything in the world, including pool tables and huge tv screens.  But, is that what a mountain vacation is really about?  Why not take a real refresher for a vacation and come to

Mountain Brook Cottages...where the past has never become the past!  Make reservations and see how folks in your grandparents day used to live!

MOUNTAIN BROOK: We must hold the record for the number of times we've returned in the last 16 years...60 times. Now all we do is call and ask what cottages are available for our visit and even if we're late, we know exactly which one we've reserved since we've stayed in all of them. We even had our renewal of vows at Mountain Brook”

— David and Annamarie Bjorklund