Honeymoon Cabins in NC

Romance in honeymoon cabins in nc – what a way to start your new life together!  Quiet times to sit and dream, whether on your front porch or by the fireside.  Weddings are hectic times, and many of our honeymooners choose to postpone their big honeymoon trip for a year or two and choose, instead, honeymoon cabins in nc. 


What benefits are there?  Honeymoon cabins in NC, especially here at Mountain Brook Cottages in the western mountains of NC, there are so many things to see and do that you’ll have to come back for anniversary after anniversary to take advantage of everything.  Hiking, biking, white water rafting, tubing, gem mining, photography, shopping – either antique or flea market or thrift shops and consignment stores, waterfall exploring, canopy tours and many other exciting adventures.  Then, at the end of your day, home to one of our honeymoon cabins in nc.  Just for the two of you…either a one bedroom honeymoon cabin, or a Romancer with king bed, jacuzzi, sauna, open floor design so that you can see the fireplace from all those areas. 


No packing stress!  Just pack your toothbrush – no need to worry about “Captain’s Dinners” with all of your finery to pack, no special wardrobe requirements.  If you’re comfortable in blue jeans and shorts that’s what you’ll pack.  Even if you want to take advantage of some of our unique restaurants, our area is casual, so your regular clothes will be perfectly acceptable.  And if you forget your toothbrush, there are shops and stores nearby so you can get whatever you need to complete your stay in our honeymoon cabins in NC. 


Easy driving.  No matter where you live, our honeymoon cabins in nc are within a few hours drive.  We have directions  and five lane roads right to our door.  Don’t worry about mountain roads – it’s all paved to us, and our property sits just 2/10 mile of US 441.


Need late check in?  Our property is family owned and operated so we can accommodate your needs.  If you’re leaving your reception late, we will be happy to have lights on and a map ready for your check in to one of our honeymoon cabins in  NC.  Maybe we can even arrange a later check out, too.


Privacy!  No one pounding on the door of your hotel room and no one yelling out side to disturb you.  No elevators clanking or children yelling in the pool.  Our honeymoon cabins in NC are phone and  tv free so  your time will be just for you. 


Willing to help, but not “in your face”.  We are here to help guide you to some of our favorites, but only if you want us to.  Our office has brochures and information for you to examine.  And, we have a game room,  stocked trout pond, nature trail and exercise room right here on the property so you won’t even have to leave.  Honeymoon in one of our honeymoon cabins in NC and we’ll look forward to your anniversary returns year after year.


So, have a natural mountain honeymoon and have your frill honeymoon later!